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Selling Your Summit NJ Home? Consider The Help of a Stager

Increasingly, sellers on the Summit NJ real estate market are choosing to hire professional stagers to help ready their homes for buyers to preview. Staging your home is the step you might take after you've cleaned your house and done any necessary repairs. While not all sellers choose to stage their homes, it can be a good idea if you want to attract buyers in a hurry.

Professional stagers are much like scene designers in movies and plays. They look at your home, evaluate what the buyer might want to see, then try to create the canvas a buyer might want to view. This can help the buyer to imagine themselves in the home, thus creating the level of urgency he or she may need to make an offer on the home.

Pricing for professional stagers varies extensively, but in the Summit NJ real estate market, most professional stagers charge a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on how many rooms you choose to allow them access to. A Summit NJ real estate agent like Kristin Balsley can help you find a professional stager should you deem it necessary.

What Does A Stager Do?

  • Professional stagers in the Summit NJ real estate market will arrange your furniture in the best possible groupings. They may ask you to remove particular pieces of furniture for storage until your home is sold.

  • Stagers add a variety of fabrics to your home like lambswool, silk, and satin to help create the mood in that environment.

  • Stagers add interesting objects in various small groups around the house to help attract a buyer's interest.

  • Stagers add window treatments to your home that help to display each room in the best possible light.

To achieve their goals, stagers use a variety of tools in each Summit NJ real estate property they visit. From applying orange oil to the surface of your cabinets to make them shine to putting mirrors and silk flowers in strategic locations, stagers understand the feel buyers need to make that offer, and they help you create that feel within your home.

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Kristin is a Summit NJ Realtor who specializes in Summit NJ real estate. If you are in the real estate market in Summit, Short Hills-Millburn, Berkeley Heights, Madison, Chatham and New Providence you deserve the expertise that Kristin Balsey, Summit NJ Realtor offers.  Email Me:  or Call 908 522-1800 for any Assistance.

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