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Kristin's School Ranking Page
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Watchung Hills Regional



Upon entering our PreK-8 school, visitors comment about the bronze plaque which proudly states that the building is dedicated to the children. The plaque represents a montage of care, collaboration, commitment, and cooperation. This is the overarching goal in a school representing an extremely diverse population of children.

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Berkeley Heights

If you're thinking about purchasing Berkeley Heights real estate and you have a family, you probably need a bit of information about their school system. Serving nearly three thousand students, the district consists of six different schools including an early childhood center, three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The district deeply values its connection with the community and continually works to create an engaging academic environment in which students can thrive. While the district is continually growing, current schools include:

  • The Early Childhood Center at Hamilton Terrace - a facility that serves pre kindergarten through first grade students.

  • Thomas P Hughes Elementary School - serving students in grades two through five

  • Mountain Park Elementary School - serving students in grades two through five

  • William Woodruff Elementary School - serving students in grades two through five

  • Columbia Middle School - serving students in grades six through eight

  • Governor Livingston High School - serving student in grades nine through twelve

Students regularly score well on state achievement tests, and the graduation rate remains high within the district. Should you choose not to place your child in public school, there are a number of private school options both in and near the town.

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Bernards Township

The Board of Education is committed to providing the students in Bernards Township with the highest quality of education possible so that they will be prepared to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

View school information and statistics in Bernards Township Back to Top


The School District of the Chathams consists of six schools and nearly four thousand students. Initially two separate districts, Chatham township and Chatham Borough, it was consolidated in the mid-eighties to ensure students needs were met at every level. Primary schools include Milton Avenue School, Southern Boulevard School, and Washington Avenue School, all of which serve kindergarten through third grade students. Lafayette School serves fourth and fifth graders. Chatham Middle School serves sixth through eighth graders, and Chatham High School serves ninth through twelfth graders. As a welcoming activity, each school designates a PTO member to help take care of new families moving into the district. It's a nice touch that's only available with smaller districts like this one, and it can be helpful when you're not sure where to turn after purchasing Chatham real estate. With a variety of extracurricular activities at every level, high test scores, and the incorporation of lots of exciting technology, this is one district that serves its students well.

If you choose not to enroll your child in public school, there are a number of private schools in and around the area.

View school information and statistics in Chatham Back to Top


The Livingston School District provides outstanding breadth and depth of educational opportunity for its nearly 5,600 students and is known throughout the state for its consistently high levels of student achievement. Parents and community share the belief that quality education is a priority and support that commitment through funding, involvement and social action. Students at all ages and skill levels have opportunities to pursue stimulating academic, extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

View school information and statistics in Livingston Back to Top

Long Hill

The Long Hill Township School District serves one thousand eighty-six students in our three schools. The New Jersey Report Card provides the public with an opportunity to compare our schools in relation to state averages in a large number of subjects. The state requires this to be done by school, not by district; hence each school has its own report card.

View school information and statistics in Long Hill Back to Top


Almost 2,500 students are served by the Madison School District every year. There are three elementary schools, a junior high, and a high school within the district. Central Avenue School, King Road School, and Torey J. Sabatini School all offer classroom space for kindergarten through fifth grade students. The Madison Junior School was designed for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Madison High School serves students in grades nine through twelve. Both attendance and graduation rates are quite high within the district, and many students attend four year universities upon graduation.

Each school attempts to challenge students to help them reach their full potential, and with a combination of rigorous academics and excellent extracurricular activities, students and parents alike consider this to be one of the best districts in the state.

If you would rather have your child attend private school, there are a number of facilities in and around Madison to meet your needs.

View school information and statistics in Madison Back to Top

Millburn / Short Hills

Known as one of the best school districts in the state, nearly five thousand students are served by the Millburn Township Public Schools. Buildings include the Deerfield Elementary School, the Glenwood Elementary School, the Hartshorn Elementary School, the South Mountain Elementary School, the Wyoming Elementary School, the Millburn Middle School, and the Millburn High School.

Because so many young families choose Short Hills real estate over other towns in the area, the district is growing at a fairly rapid pace. Committed to offering a challenging curriculum and serving the needs of all students, their dedication has paid off in the last several years. Milburn High School was named as one of the 100 Best US High Schools by Newsweek and they recently received a Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from the US Department of Education. The Millburn Middle School has consistently been named a Benchmark School of Excellence, and their elementary schools are ranked among some of the highest on the state's report card each year.

Private school options are available both in Millburn and in the surrounding area.

View  school information and statistics in Millburn Back to Top


Morristown High School was recognized as one of the top 75 high schools in the state by New Jersey Monthly magazine, and both the high school and Frelinghuysen Middle School were honored as Benchmark Schools due to the high percentage of students who achieved advanced levels of proficiency in both language arts and mathematics for three consecutive years! All elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school showed marked improvement in standardized test scores used to measure how well the district is meeting the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act.

View school information and statistics in Morristown Back to Top

New Providence

Serving students of all ages, the New Providence School District includes different schools. The Allen W. Roberts Elementary School and the Salt Brook Elementary School serve kindergarten through sixth grade students. The New Providence Middle School serves students in grades seven and eight. New Providence High School serves students in grades nine through twelve. The middle and high school do share some facilities including the gym, art facilities, auditorium, and cafeteria.

Offering high academic standards and a tradition of excellence at every level, students remain well served. The district continually performs well on standardized tests and it typically ranks well in the state's district monitoring program. By incorporating character education programs, extensive extracurricular activities, and innovative academic offerings, it will remain an excellent district well into the future.

There are also private school choices available both in and near New Providence.

View school information and statistics in New Providence Back to Top


The Springfield Public Schools has a long tradition of providing our community's young people with an excellent education. Our program is varied and intellectually challenging. We provide an primary school learning environment at the Edward V. Walton School for grades Pre K-2, a student centered intermediate elementary program for grades 3-5 at the James Caldwell and Thelma Sandmeier Schools, a diverse and student centered middle school environment at the Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School, and a comprehensive four-year secondary school at the Jonathan Dayton High School.

View school information and statistics in Springfield Back to Top


Summit Public Schools makes a commitment to excellence with every single student. Just over three thousand students attend the district's eight schools each year. Facilities include

  • Wilson School which a hosts a primary center for pre-k through kindergarten

  • Brayton School - grades 1 - 5

  • Franklin School - grades 1 - 5

  • Jefferson School - pre-k through grade 5

  • Lincoln-Hubbard School - grades 1 - 5

  • Washington School - grades 1 -5

  • Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School - grades 6 - 8

  • Summit High School

Students are pushed to excel beyond the state's core curriculum standards at every level, and thanks to rigorous academics and a number of extracurricular activities, it is often called one of the best districts in the state. In 2005, Summit High School was named one of America's Best High Schools.

Summit is also home to a number of private schools including Oratory Prep, Oak Knoll, Kent Place and St. Theresa's. 

View school information and statistics in Summit Back to Top


The Warren Township Schools are a source of pride for a community that places a high value on the education of its children. Almost 2,300 students were enrolled during the 2005-06 school year in grades K-8. Students are housed in four K-5 elementary schools and one 6-8 middle school.

View complete information about schools in Warren Back to Top

Watchung Hills Regional

Serving almost 2,000 students from diverse backgrounds, the WHRHS district offers an outstanding curriculum that focuses upon all aspects of student growth and achievement. The faculty and staff of this regional high school are a large part of the reason that this district has a special sense of community that is felt by all immediately upon entry into our building. Watchung Hills Regional High School is a school comprised of caring and dedicated teachers.

View school information and statistics in Watchung Hills Regional Back to Top


The mission of the Watchung Borough Public Schools is to foster in students an intellectual curiosity that will lend itself to a lifetime of learning and to develop the necessary skills to pursue this learning. Watchung students demonstrate outstanding achievement in all areas, whether assessed by tests, individual portfolios of work, individual or group projects, or creative productions.

View school information and statistics in Watchung Back to Top

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