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5 Things To Remember When Making A Summit NJ Real Estate Offer!

Found the Summit NJ real estate property of your dreams? If you're ready to make an offer, there are several things you may want to consider first.

First, think about the price you are about to offer the seller. Keep in mind that like any other industry, real estate works on the laws of supply and demand. If there's a lot of demand for the home you want to buy, the seller will have several offers to examine, so make yours the most competitive. Most industry experts also suggest that you don't use round numbers in your offer. Odd numbers might help push other buyers out of your way.

Second, make sure that your offer to buy the home is contingent upon the results of an inspection. The house may look amazing during a walk-through, but it's hard for an average homebuyer to tell if water damage from 3 years ago will make the structural support weak. Should you simply offer to buy the home without the results of one or several different kinds of inspections, you could be purchasing a lemon.

Third, work with the real estate agent to make the best offer possible. Summit NJ real estate agents understand the market better than anyone else, and if you truly want to make an offer that sticks, the real estate agent will be able to help you get the home you want.

Ensure that you have taken steps to get prequalified for a mortgage before you make your offer. This will make you seem far more sincere in the eyes of the buyer, and it may help you win a bidding war should you become involved in one.

Remember that if your offer has other contingencies, you should be prepared to negotiate. Since negotiation doesn't always mean that you get what you want, prioritize your list of contingencies carefully.

Even if you don't win the heart of the seller on that piece of Summit NJ real estate that you love, you can always make a counter-offer. Understand why the seller didn't accept your initial offer, and try to put together a more attractive package in your counter-offer. Speaking with your Summit NJ real estate agent should make every offer process a smooth ride.  

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Kristin is a Summit NJ Realtor who specializes in Summit NJ real estate. If you are in the real estate market in Summit, Short Hills-Millburn, Berkeley Heights, Madison, Chatham and New Providence you deserve the expertise that Kristin Balsey, Summit NJ Realtor offers.  Email Me:  or Call 908 522-1800 for any Assistance.

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