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In this economy, you need a steady, knowledgeable hand who has years of experience dealing with Summit NJ real estate to help you buy or sell a home. Kristin Balsley has been delivering real results in the Summit NJ area for nearly a decade, and now she can put her exemplary track record to work for you!

An integral part of the Summit NJ community, this is the right Summit NJ realtor to help you achieve your long term housing goals. The site is packed full of valuable information that can help you with your next transaction in this vibrant community. Whether you're buying or selling a home, take a moment to download a free eBook that will help you get started. Browse the article database for tips and checklists that may help.

Let me help you locate your ideal home in the summit NJ area. If you are searching for homes in Berkeley Heights Township, Chatham Borough, Chatham Township, the Borough of Madison, the Borough of New Providence, Millburn Township, Short Hills or the City of Summit NJ, contact me today.

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We recently purchased a home in Madison with the help of Kristin Balsley. She worked with us tirelessly for many months and gently guided us through the process that was often overwhelming to a newly married couple. Kristin's relaxed demeanor.... - Antonietta and Greg C, Madison NJ

"I really can't begin to tell you how much I appreciated all of your support and hard work through the house buying process. You were our tireless advocate - working on our behalf with competency, knowledge and compassion." Heather F. - New Providence, NJ

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As a first time homebuyer, how can I set realistic goals for home buying?

Answer: Understanding exactly what purchase price to look for is the key to buying your first and fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make certain you're setting the goals you should be.

Many homebuyers believe sitting down with the mortgage lender to pre-qualify for a load is the first step. While that is an important step in the process, it's not the only factors in determining whether or not you qualify for load, but often they don't consider your lifestyle, maintenance costs of home ownership, and many additional expenses that will be ingrained in your budget once you've purchased a home. So while it's essential that you talk with a lender about what you can afford, you need to sit down with your numbers as well. Just because a mortgage company will qualify you for a certain loan amount doesn't mean that you will be comfortable carrying that much of a mortgage.

I tell first - time homebuyers one of the best first steps you can take is to sit down with your own numbers. There are lots of computer programs that can help, but a piece of paper, a pen, and your current monthly bills also will help a lot. Take a careful look at what you currently pay for housing every month. Factor in your other expenses as well. For example, if you got out to eat three times a month, is that an expense your're willing to forgo to own a home? Exercises like these will give you some good starting numbers.

Then, examine gross income carefully. Your gross income is how much you actually make, not what you take home. Many mortgages require that your payment not be more than 29 percent of your income. In addition, you'll want to take a look at your new mortgage payment plus any other debt you may have. For example, if you have student loans, a car payment and a credit card balance, you'll want to add it all up. Most lenders suggest that your new house payment and other debts do not total more than 41 percent of your gross income. Carefully examining both of these calculations helps to give you a sense of what banks think you can afford, as well as how much you'll have left after you pay these bills each month. An on-line mortgage calculator may help you understand this equation a bit better. You should have some fairly solid numbers after you've worked with your own budget.

Kristin Balsey, sales associate,
Coldwell Banker, Summit.

Originally published in the Newark Star Ledger:

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Kristin is a Summit NJ Realtor who specializes in Summit NJ real estate. If you are in the real estate market in Summit, Short Hills-Millburn, Berkeley Heights, Madison, Chatham and New Providence you deserve the expertise that Kristin Balsey, Summit NJ Realtor offers.  Email Me:  or Call 908 522-1800 for any Assistance.

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